Legoland Gunzburg

Hi and welcome back, hope everyone’s doing fine!

Ay the rain started to fall in Rijeka, I remembered my summer trip to Munich, Germany. It was before Covid 19, so you’ll notice ther are no masks on the faces…. Nice times, right?

We visited Legoland in Gunzburg because of kids, but at the end I enjoyed that place even more than them! 😊😊

Take a look at some of our pictures!

Main entrance to Legoland, in the morning. Lot of people there…
Driving school for kids age 7+…
Lego factory. Great place to visit, strongly recommended πŸ˜‰.
Pirate boats. The water is sprinkling everywhere, you’ll get wet!
Pharaoh’s tomb
Jungle expedition, great for all adrenaline lovers! Bad side: the queue was long and we waited forever to get there!
Kid’s train and a Lego rocket!

Overall, the Legoland in Gunzburg was great. The price is about 100 euros for two adults and two kids (with coupons from Internet).

If you are a smoker (like me), there are smoking spots everywhere in Legoland, you can find them on a park map.

The food is basically only fast food and the prices are very high. Ice cream stands are everywhere.

Don’t forget to buy a souvenir from Legoland!

It’s winter in Rijeka, my hometown…

Hello everyone…. I hope you’ll like some photos taken in my daily walk through Rijeka. What to say about my hometown? It’s Croatia’s largest port, it’s on the coast of the Adriatic sea, it was a part of Italy once in history – so almost all citizens of Rijeka speak a little Italian language – we have learnt it from our grandparents.

In 2020. Rijeka was the European capital of culture – unfortunately, COVID-19 has stopped all of the activities connected with it.

Rijeka is multicultural, multiethnical, and… And it is beautiful, at least to me😊. Take a look at my photos and tell me in the comments if you like it…

A trip to Pazin, Istria

Hello again to everyone!

Today I just want to share with you some of my photos from short autumn trip to old city of Pazin in Istria.

For those who may not know, Istria is the Croatian’s greatest peninsula. Beaches there are amazing, but on this trip we actually weren’t anywhere near the sea.

All the photos are filmed in nature, in a place we call Pazinski krov, which means Pazin’s roof.

Let me know if you like them!

Bye and see you soon! ☺️

Beautiful Rab, Croatia

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post! Today I’m not gonna write much, I just want to share with you some stunning pics of my summer vacation….

My favorite diving spot at Lopar
Same place, a look from the hill

I hope you like my first post.

Stay well and healthy, see you soon πŸ–€